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The Heel Cap

Custom Precision Heel Cap Manufacturing

Also called the heel counter or backstay.

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The heel counter refers to an extra insert at the back of the shoe. It is a stiff piece of material that helps to maintain the shape of the shoe. A good heel cap will straighten the foot during walking to distribute weight equally across the bottom of the foot. With a good heel cap, the foot will be anchored to the sole of the shoe.

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In addition to digital cutting, we provide:

Supply Services Design Services Fabrication Services
Warehousing Prototyping CAD Design
Distribution Engineering Skiving
Fulfillment Reverse Engineering Manufacturing
Bulk Production

Ward & Kennedy works with all areas of wholesale manufacturing: designs using 3D CADdigital/die cutting servicesprototyping, and bulk production runs. We supply products that meet the unique specifications outlined by each vendor.

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The Best Digital Cutting Equipment in the Business

Digital cutting is still extensively utilized in the footwear industry, but it has now evolved into other industries around the world. Ward & Kennedy has the best equipment in the business to provide our clients with exactly what they need. We have 4 traveling head presses and one full head press to handle fabric cutting.

Additional Die Cutting Capabilities

Along with fabrics, we die cut materials like:

Ward & Kennedy has been designing, fabricating, and supplying industries all over the world since we were founded in 1928. Whether you’re in our Wisconsin backyard or located across the world in Asia, we can supply your die cut materials.

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