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Dynabrade Adhesives, Power Tools & Abrasives

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7" (178 mm) Dia. Type 27 Vertical Depressed Center Wheel Grinder
SKU: 53235
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Vacuum Edge Guard / Lip Seal
SKU: 61361
5" (127 mm) Dia. Non-Vacuum Disc Pad, Hook-Face, Short Nap
SKU: 54325
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3M™ Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Abrasive Disc 737U, 31373, 6 in, 150+, 50…
SKU: 7100155304
5" (127 mm) Dia. Non-Vacuum Dynorbital Supreme Random Orbital Sander .28 hp, 12,…
SKU: 56815
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2 1/2" x 1/4" -80 Grit Dynacut A/O Square Pad X, 1/4-20
SKU: 78522
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3/4" (19 mm) W x 18" (457 mm) L Medium NWN DynaBrite Belt
SKU: 78025
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Locking Random/Rotary Orbital Head Assy
SKU: 61318
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3/8" NPT Single Pivot Dynaswivel
SKU: 95591
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Q.SILVER 6" PSA 6H P220 Grit, 100 Discs/Lrl
SKU: 2B-343-220
2" x 1" -80 Grit Dynacut A/O CrossPad X, 8-Ply, 1/4-20
SKU: 78470
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Q.SILVER 6" PSA 6H P320 Grit, 100 Discs/Lrl
SKU: 2B-343-320
6" (152 mm) Dia. Non-Vacuum Dynorbital-Spirit Random Orbital Sander .25 hp, 12,0…
SKU: 59010
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1/4" NPT Composite-Style Flow Control Dynaswivel
SKU: 94407
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3M™ Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Abrasive Disc, 31372, 6 in, 120+ grade, 5…
SKU: 7100155360
3" (76 mm) W x 150' (4,572 cm) L 30 Micron A/O Lapping Film DynaCut Roll
SKU: 92756
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3" (76 mm) W x 150' (4,572 cm) L 15 Micron A/O Lapping Film DynaCut Roll
SKU: 92757
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3" (76 mm) W x 150' (4,572 cm) L 9 Micron A/O Lapping Film DynaCut Roll
SKU: 92758
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75 mm W x 110 mm L 120 Grit A/O Non-Vacuum Hook-Face DynaCut Sheet
SKU: 93784
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75 mm W x 110 mm L 220 Grit A/O Non-Vacuum Hook-Face DynaCut Sheet
SKU: 93787
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Shop Dynabrade Products: Sanders, Polishers & Die Grinders

Since 1969, Dynabrade has been a developer of innovative tools for filing down metals and other hard materials. Every tool they manufacture has optimized airflow, scrap reduction, and quality performance. Their powerful grinders, sanders, and polishers are designed to be handheld without sacrificing power. Made in the USA, our selection of Dynabrade tools is available online for individual sale and bulk orders.

Dynabrade Abrasive Disc Kit

Dynabrade products include:

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Dynabrade Meets V-V-I-S Standards

Dynabrade tools are made to meet “V-V-I-S” standards, meaning:

  • Vacuum: Dynabrade vacuum tools are designed to remove airborne contaminants before they cause eye and lung irritation.
  • Vibration: Dynabrade tools reduce vibration using insulated rubber housings and handles. This prevents long-term repetitive stress injuries.
  • Insulation: Dynabrade pneumatic tools use thermal-insulated housings to prevent cold air from affecting their performance.
  • Sound: Quieter tools protect ears and provide long-term hearing protection.

Shop all our high-quality Dynabrade products online today to get everything you need for manufacturing, collision repair, and more.

Dynabrade Abrasives 

We carry a wide variety of Dynabrade abrasive products, from brushes to belts, to burrs and more. Dynabrade is a leader in surface finishing solutions and offers an extensive list of replacement parts, so you can keep your machine up and running for years. 

Dynabrade Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

We offer replacement reciprocating saw blades for abrasive materials, fiberglass, and metals. Their specialty coating resists wear and friction.  

Dynabrade Diamond Cut-Off Wheels

The hardest material is a must for cutting and finishing the hardest materials, things like thermal sprayed tungsten carbide, chrome oxide, glass, composites, stone, chilled iron and forged steel. We offer three sizes of cut-off wheels: 

Dynabrade Diamond Mounted Cut-Off Wheels

Dynabrade’s diamond-mounted cut-off wheels are diamond-lined and excellent for cutting and trimming fiberglass and composite mold-flashing. We offer side spoked and continuous rim 3” models. 

Dynabrade Downdraft Systems & Tables

We offer a wide variety of standard and heavy-duty downdraft sanding tables. These tables are ideal for use with vacuum-ready or non-vacuum tools. Our metal tables offer a wet filtration system to capture potentially combustible fillings and dust. 

Dynabrade Dynascaler Flaps and Hub

Dynabrade is a leading producer of Dynascaler surface preparation tools. We offer replacement flaps and hubs for your Dynascaler tools. Buy in bulk to save! 

Dynabrade Reciprocating Files Double Cut Swiss Pattern 

Ward & Kennedy carries a variety of reciprocating files in a variety of lengths. We offer reciprocating files with double-cut swiss patterns in 

Dynabrade Sanders & Polishers 

Whether you need heavy-duty or light-duty sanding or polishing, we have the machine for you. Dynabrade has been a leading producer of abrasion tools since 1969. Dynabrade offers 8 types of sanding and polishing tools: 

Dynabrade Tools 

Dynabrade has been producing power tools since their founding in 1969. We carry a wide variety of Dynabrade tools, including: 

Abrasive Belt Tools

Air Tool Accessories 

Buffing Tools

Die Grinders 

Disc Sanders 

Drills & Specialty Tools

Finishing Tools

Gear Driven & Finishing Sanders


Nitro Series Tools

Random Orbital Sanders

Sanders and Polishers

Three Wheel Belt Grinders

Vacuum Tools 

& more! 

Dynabrade Vacuums 

Keep your workspace clean with workplace vacuums from Dynabrade. We offer vacuums for a variety of applications, including wall-mounted vacuums, portable vacuums, conductive vacuums and more. We offer: 

Ward & Kennedy Supply & Design Solutions

Ward & Kennedy provides digital/die-cut solutions to the footwear, metalworking, woodworking, plastics, textiles, leather, foam, custom machining, and water jet cutting industries around the world. See our list of services here:

Digital/Die Cutting Services Supply Services Design Services Fabrication Services
Vending Inventory Management Warehousing Prototyping CAD Design
Production Runs Distribution Engineering Skiving
Vendor Managed Inventory Fulfillment Reverse Engineering Manufacturing
Contact Ward & Kennedy to shop for Dynabrade brand products online.

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