Custom Die-Cut Cork Fabricator (Prototype & Bulk Supplier)

Ward & Kennedy understands the unique challenges industries face when working with cork components. With a legacy dating back to 1928, we have evolved into a leading custom die cutting manufacturer and bulk supplier, and we are proud to offer exact, tailored solutions for prototyping and large-scale cork production needs.

Why Ward & Kennedy?

Business owners depend on our expertise when seeking precision-engineered die-cut cork for their applications. Whether you need a limited run for prototyping or an expedited bulk production, our commitment to quality and customization ensures your specific requirements are met without fail. Our innovative approach lets us cater to a diverse range of industries and create die cuts for everything from insulation and gaskets to packaging and coasters.

When speed is essential, our expedited services set us apart. We facilitate prototyping with precision and speed, providing you with the advantage of quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

No CAD file? No problem. We’ll work with you to take your ideas to reality with no CAD file required. 






Shore D 30-70 (approximate)

Temperature Resistance

-20°C to 110°C (approximate)


Natural Cork Color


Flooring, Gaskets, Insulation

Cork Manufacturing in Business

Cork is an easy-to-process, environmentally friendly material harvested from cork oak tree bark every 9-13 years. It is impermeable, flexible, chemically resistant and recyclable, making it a great material for a variety of eco-friendly products. It is commonly used in wine stoppers, gaskets, insulation, flooring & tiles, bulletin boards, shoes, floats, instruments and even concrete.

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