Custom die-cut canvas fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

Ward & Kennedy creates parts and elements for global businesses. Originally established in 1928 as a producer of box toes, the company has since expanded into various sectors of industrial manufacturing. Our die-cut services, warehousing, and VMI systems are trusted by enterprises. The custom canvas die-cutting service from Ward & Kennedy provides tailored answers for large-volume requests, establishing them as a dependable source for both initial designs and extensive manufacturing requirements.

Why Choose Die-Cutting at Ward & Kennedy?

At Ward & Kennedy, we grasp the significance of precision. Our professionals are geared up to manage intricate processes such as canvas kiss cutting, stamping, and fabrication with the utmost accuracy. Whether you're in search of a limited production run or facing a time-sensitive order, we possess the capabilities to cater to your requirements. What truly distinguishes Ward & Kennedy is our unwavering commitment to engineered solutions. We guide your project's journey from concept to fruition, extending personalized designs and prototyping services. Even in the absence of a CAD file, our experts collaborate closely with you to craft a design that impeccably aligns with your stipulations. Through our proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering, you can even visualize the end product prior to its physical creation.

Canvas Die Cutting Manufacturing at Ward & Kennedy

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric that is known for its high durability. It is often made of cotton or linen with PVC, although it was once made from hemp. It comes in two varieties: plain-woven and duck canvas, which has a tighter weave. Canvas is best known as a painting surface for artists. In the fashion world, designers love canvas for its rustic look. Canvas is also used for pure functionality in sails, tents, backpacks, shoes, and other items.

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Canvas Cutting in a Diverse Range of Industries

Many different industries utilize custom canvas die cutting for a variety of projects due to its versatility and precision.

  • Fashion and Apparel: The fashion and apparel industry uses canvas die cutting to create various fabric components, such as patches, labels and intricate designs for clothing, bags, hats, and accessories.
  • Home Decor: Canvas die cutting is used to create custom upholstery, cushions, curtains, decorative textiles, and other fabric-based interior design elements.
  • Automotive: Canvas die cutting ensures a precise fit and quality finish for interior components of cars like seat covers, headliners, door panels, and floor mats.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Canvas die cutting is crucial in industrial manufacturing for creating gaskets, seals, insulators, and other functional components that require accurate shapes and sizes.
  • Packaging Solutions: In the packaging industry, canvas die cutting helps produce custom packaging materials, inserts, and displays that enhance product presentation and protection.
  • Signage and Displays: Canvas die cutting is used to create promotional signage, banners, flags, and displays for advertising and branding purposes.
  • Art and Crafts: Canvas die cutting is a staple in the arts and crafts community, enabling the creation of intricate designs for scrapbooking, card making, and other creative projects.
  • Footwear: The footwear industry employs canvas die cutting for creating shoe components like insoles, outsoles, and fabric overlays with precision.
  • Sporting Goods: Canvas die cutting is used to fabricate sports equipment like bags, covers, and padding for sports gear and accessories.
  • Medical and Healthcare: In the medical field, canvas die cutting helps produce components for medical equipment, cushions, protective covers, and wearable medical devices.

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