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Hypalon Manufacturing in Business

Hypalon is a trademarked name for chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM). Though it is no longer produced under that trademark and the compound has been updated to increase safety and reduce environmental damage, Hypalon has become the common name for that sort of material. It is durable, resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV light and has been used as a lighter, stronger alternative to neoprene. It is popular for use in inflatable boats, as a roofing membrane, and other outdoor equipment.

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Hypalon Part/Product Supply from Ward & Kennedy

Ward & Kennedy digital/die cuts Hypalon rubber for a variety of manufacturers, from inflatable boat production to tactical vest fabrication. Companies rely on us for our thorough understanding of the industrial supply chain process, from initial engineering to inventory distribution. Our head press technology allows parts and products to be shaped accurately to meet precise specifications. With multiple machines and a 20,000+ square foot facility, every client is provided prompt die cutting services and generous warehouse space.

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With 90+ years of experience, our digital/die cutting services blow our competitors out of the water. After decades of international design, cutting, and supply experience, we’re confident that we can help manufacturers in any industry.