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Prototype Designs and Manufacturing

Build More Efficient Parts for Production

The right prototype design can save your business in the long-run. Ward & Kennedy uses 3D computer models and old-fashioned blueprints to design brand new prototypes for our customers. Thanks to our decades of experience, we know how to cut down designs to be as efficient as possible when it’s time to start manufacturing. Our prototypes cut down on material costs and production time.

Ward & Kennedy Handles All Your Prototype Design Needs

Ward & Kennedy does more than prototype designs. We fabricate and supply for industries all over the world. Founded in 1928, we help companies handle their product creation, warehousing, and more. Let us be your prototype designers.

Additional services include:

CAD Design Manufacturing Distribution
Reverse Engineering Bulk Production Fulfillment
Prototyping Warehousing VMI
Contact Ward & Kennedy to request prototype product designs.
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