Custom Die-Cut High-Density Polyethylene Fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

With a legacy dating back to 1928, Ward & Kennedy has evolved into a leading supplier of die-cut materials for industries across the globe. Our unrivaled expertise and cutting-edge technology make us the right choice for your die-cut high-density polyethylene applications. Whether you need small-scale prototyping or large-scale productions, the Ward & Kennedy team makes sure your product is perfect.

Why Ward & Kennedy?

Business owners depend on our expertise when seeking die-cut HDPE. Our commitment to quality and customization ensures your specific requirements are attended to with precision and care. No need to stress about having a CAD file prepared- we’ll work with you without one. 

When you need a prototype quickly, count on Ward & Kennedy’s expedited services to deliver. We offer fast and accurate prototyping without compromising product quality.

HDPE Properties and Benefits

HDPE Properties


Chemical Resistance

Ideal for applications requiring resistance to various chemicals, ensuring durability.

High Impact Strength

Withstands heavy impact, making it suitable for robust die-cut components in demanding environments.

UV Resistance

Maintains structural integrity and color stability under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Low Moisture Absorption

Resists moisture, preventing dimensional changes and maintaining stability in varied conditions.

Temperature Resistance

Exhibits excellent performance across a wide temperature range, suitable for diverse applications.


Provides a lightweight solution without compromising strength, facilitating ease of use.


Environmentally friendly material, contributing to sustainable die-cutting solutions.

FDA Compliance

Suitable for applications requiring compliance with food-grade standards.

HDPE Manufacturing in Business

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer that features a high strength-to-density ratio. Combined with its strength, HDPE’s hardness and anti-corrosive properties make it popular for use in the production of plastic bottles, piping, cable protection, housewrap, bags, surgical materials, boats, containers, lasts, plastic lumber and more. HDPE is a commonly recycled material.

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