Custom Die-Cut Santoprene Fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

Ward & Kennedy takes pride in being a leading custom die-cut Santoprene fabricator and serving the diverse needs of businesses worldwide. Founded in 1928, our extensive experience coupled with cutting-edge technology makes us the go-to partner for both prototyping and large-scale production runs.

Ward & Kennedy is a pioneering force in die cutting services. We are committed to quality and innovation, delivering tailored solutions for your unique Santoprene die cutting requirements.

Ward & Kennedy Stands Out From the Crowd

When it comes to Santoprene, you need a fabricator who understands the material’s intricacies and offers custom solutions. Our Santoprene die cutting services are engineered to meet your specific design needs. Whether you need a limited run for prototyping or bulk orders for large-scale productions, Ward & Kennedy has you covered.

Beyond die cutting, we offer stamped and fabricated Santoprene parts, providing a holistic approach to your manufacturing needs. Our commitment to excellence extends from design to delivery.

Santoprene Material Data



Material Type

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Durometer Hardness

60A - 87A

Temperature Range

-40°F to 275°F (-40°C to 135°C)

Tensile Strength

Up to 2,500 psi

Tear Resistance


Chemical Resistance

Resistant to many chemicals and oils


Seals, gaskets, weatherstripping, grips

Santoprene Manufacturing in Business

Santoprene is a polymer combining the characteristics of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastics. It is used in many industries including automotive, appliance, electrical, healthcare and construction. It excels with flex life, is fluid-resistant and is used in seals, caster wheels, tubing and hose parts, gaskets and electrical connectors, and wire coatings. Santoprene is fully recyclable.

Why Choose Ward & Kennedy for Your Die-Cutting Needs

At Ward & Kennedy, we understand precision matters. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle intricate processes such as kiss cutting, stamping and fabricating with unbeatable accuracy. Whether you're looking for a limited run or require a rush order, we have the capabilities to meet your demands. One of the unique aspects setting Ward & Kennedy apart is our commitment to engineered solutions. We take your project from concept to reality, offering custom designs and prototyping services. Even if you don't have a CAD file, our experts can work with you to create a design to match your requirements perfectly. Our 3D modeling and rendering capabilities ensure you can visualize the end product before it's even manufactured.

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