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Computer-Aided Design Services for Manufacturing

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the practice of using 3D computer models to create new designs for manufacturing. With detailed and effective use of computers, the experts of Ward & Kennedy can improve prototype designs faster and more reliably. Our team of experienced CAD technicians can find any issue within a project before it ever hits the production line.

Having the ability to freely rotate, zoom in, and alter a 3D model is a powerful asset when developing a new part or product. There's no need to constantly erase and draw new lines on a blueprint or create an entirely new draft for each revision. And as artificial intelligence technology continues to develop, it will become easier to create testing simulations for identifying flaws and weaknesses in your product. Get in touch with the experts at Ward & Kennedy to get started with our suite of CAD services.

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Custom Prototypes Manufacturer

If you're looking to create a new prototype, you've come to the right place. View our list of design services:

In particular, we’ve used CAD programs for the footwear industry to create box toe presses, leather conditioning steamers, hand irons, shank cementers, and more. We’ve expanded to many industries and are ready to create the perfect prototype for you.

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