Custom die-cut corrugated cardboard fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

Ward & Kennedy designs parts and components for companies around the world. Beginning in 1928 as a box toe manufacturer, Ward & Kennedy has now diversified into many industrial manufacturing markets. Businesses rely on us for die-cut services along with our warehousing and VMI systems. Ward & Kennedy's corrugated cardboard die cutting service offers custom solutions for bulk (wholesale) orders, making them a reliable supplier for both prototyping and large-scale production needs.

Die Cutting at Ward & Kennedy

Precision is a core principle at Ward & Kennedy. Our skilled team excels in managing intricate procedures such as kiss cutting, stamping, and fabrication, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Our capabilities extend to both small production runs and time-sensitive orders. What distinguishes us is our emphasis on tailored solutions. Beginning from the initial idea to its tangible realization, we provide customized designs and prototype development. Our corrugated cardboard experts can engage in collaborative design discussions even in the absence of a CAD file, guaranteeing alignment with your requirements. The integration of 3D modeling enables you to preview the final product prior to manufacturing.

Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing in Business

Corrugated cardboard is made from heavy, paper-pulp materials and consists of a fluted corrugated sheet surrounded by one or two flat linerboards. The quality of the input materials and the number of layers determine the strength and versatility of each specific cardboard. Some of the variable qualities include moisture resistance, cushioning, tear resistance, burst strength and bending resistance. It is often used in boxes and shipping.

Ward-Kennedy manufactures products using a variety of types of cardboard including

  • Single Wall
  • Double Wall
  • Triple Wall
  • B-Flute
  • E-Flute
  • F-Flute

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Advantages of using corrugated cardboard packaging:

  • Combines a light weight with robust strength and enduring durability.
  • Offers padding and safeguarding for items throughout the shipping process.
  • Adaptable to different dimensions, configurations, and printing preferences.
  • Demonstrates environmental consciousness due to its recyclability and utilization of renewable materials.
  • Presents a budget-friendly choice when contrasted with alternative packaging options.
  • Suits a diverse array of products and industries due to its versatile nature.

In addition to digital cutting, we provide:

Supply Services Design Services Fabrication Services
Warehousing Prototyping CAD Design
Distribution Engineering Skiving
Fulfillment Reverse Engineering Manufacturing
Bulk Production