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Galaxy 5" Solid Grip 80 Grit Sanding Disc, 50/pkg
SKU: FY-612-080
Galaxy 6" Solid Grip 1500 Grit Sanding Disc, 50/pkg
SKU: FY-622-1500
ABRANET ACE HD 8" Grip P40 Grit, 25 Discs/Box
SKU: AH-252-040
3" x 5" SGV Sander w/Dust Bag 3mm Orbit, 1/Pkg
3" x 5" SGV Sander w/Dust Bag 3mm Orbit, 1/Pkg
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ABRANET 11" Grip P400, 50 Discs/Box
ABRANET 11" Grip P400 Grit, 50 Discs/Box
SKU: 9A-262-400
GOLD PROFLEX 9x11" Plain P180, 50 Sheets/Box
SKU: 23-104-180
1.25" Orbital Finish Sander 2.5mm Orbit, 1/Pkg
1.25" Orbital Finish Sander 2.5mm Orbit, 1/Pkg
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AUTONET 2.75"x33.5' Perf-Roll Grip P240 Grit, 1/Roll
SKU: AE-570-240
AUTONET AE Series 6" Grip P80 Grit, 50 Discs/Box
SKU: AE24105080
Backup Pad 5" Grip 28H, 1/Pkg
SKU: 915GV28
ABRANET 3.67"x 82' Grip P600, 1/Roll
ABRANET 3.67"x 82' Grip P600 Grit, 1/Roll
SKU: 9A-593-600
AUTONET 2.75"x33.5' Perf-Roll Grip P180 Grit, 1/Roll
SKU: AE-570-180
AUTONET AE Series 6" Grip P240 Grit, 50 Discs/Box
SKU: AE24105025
AUTONET AE Series 6" Grip P180 Grit, 50 Discs/Box
SKU: AE24105018
AUTONET AE Series 6" Grip P120 Grit, 50 Discs/Box
SKU: AE24105012
AUTONET 2.75"x33.5' Perf-Roll Grip P400 Grit, 1/Roll
SKU: AE-570-400
ABRALON 5" Grip 360 Grit, 20 Discs/Box
SKU: 8A-232-360
ABRALON 6" Grip 360 Grit Disc, 10 Discs/Box
SKU: 8A-240-360
AUTONET 2.75"x33.5' Perf-Roll Grip P80 Grit, 1/Roll
SKU: AE-570-080
AUTONET AE Series 6" Grip P400 Grit, 50 Discs/Box
SKU: AE24105041
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Shop Mirka Products Online: Mirka Sandpaper, Abrasives & Polishes

Mirka USA Inc. is one of the leading producers of abrasives, polishers and other finishing tools. In operation for thirty years, Mirka products can be found across the world in any industrial setting. Pick up any number of high-quality Mirka tools for a great price or order your tools in bulk for an even greater discount.

Mirka Abranet 110 Abrasive

We carry several different types of Mirka products, including:

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Mirka: High-Quality & Versatile Tools of Choice

Mirka products are the top-of-the-line choice in several different applications. Their efficiency, durability and ease of use allow them to be used in both commercial and industrial settings. Particular industries in which Mirka products excel are:

  • Automotive refinishing
  • Composites
  • Construction
  • Marine production
  • Precision industries
  • Transport vehicles
  • Woodwork


Ward & Kennedy Design, Supply and Fabrication Services

Ward & Kennedy is a top supplier of Mirka products. In addition, Ward & Kennedy has been a designer, fabricator and supplier of custom products since 1928. We provide digital/die-cut solutions to the footwear, metalworking, woodworking, plastics, textiles, leather, foam, custom machining, and water jet cutting industries. Our services include:

Digital/Die Cutting Services Supply Services Design Services Fabrication Services
Vending Inventory Management Warehousing Prototyping CAD Design
Production Runs Distribution Engineering Skiving
Vendor Managed Inventory Fulfillment Reverse Engineering Manufacturing
Don’t see what you need? Contact Ward & Kennedy for more Mirka products.

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