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Backup Pad 3.5" PSA, 1/Pkg
SKU: 103
ABRALON 6" Grip 500 Disc Grit, 10 Discs/Box
SKU: 8A-240-500
Backup Pad 5" PSA, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105
Backup Pad 5" Grip, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105GG
Backup Pad 5" Grip 5H, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105GV
Backup Pad 5" PSA, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105H
Backup Pad 5" PSA Heavy Duty, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105HD
Backup Pad 5" PSA Flexible Edge, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105P
Backup Pad 5" Grip Flexible Edge, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105PG
Backup Pad 5" PSA Soft, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105S
Backup Pad 5" Grip Soft, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105SG
Backup Pad 5" Grip 5H Soft, 1/Pkg
Backup Pad 5" PSA 5H, 1/Pkg
SKU: 105V
Backup Pad 6" PSA, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106
Backup Pad 6" Grip Black J-Hook, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106GG
Backup Pad 6" Grip for Mirlon Discs, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106GM
Backup Pad 6" Grip 6H, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106GV
Backup Pad 6" PSA Flexible Edge, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106P
Backup Pad 6" PSA Soft, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106S
Backup Pad 6" Grip Soft, 1/Pkg
SKU: 106SG
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Shop Now – Buy Mirka Products Online

Mirka USA Inc. is one of the leading producers of abrasives, polishes, and related finishing tools. Operating for thirty years, Mirka products are found in private workshops and global factories.

Use Mirka tools and accessories for:

  • Woodworking
  • Automotive repair and refinishing
  • Marine repair and refinishing
  • Industrial rollers
  • Metal processing and finishing

Shop Mirka sanders, pads, and polish online from Ward & Kennedy. This includes Polarshine, Mirka’s unique line of polishing compound.

Ward & Kennedy Solutions

Ward & Kennedy is a top supplier of products from the Mirka brand. In addition, Ward & Kennedy has been a designer, fabricator, and supplier of custom products since 1928. We provide digital/die-cut solutions to the footwear, metalworking, woodworking, plastics, textiles, leather, foam, custom machining, and water jet cutting industries. Ask our team to fulfill all your product or supply needs.

Don’t see what you need? Contact Ward & Kennedy for more Mirka products.

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