Custom Die-Cut Rubber Fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

Ward & Kennedy understands the unique challenges industries face when handling die-cut rubber components. With a legacy dating back to 1928, we have evolved into a leading custom die cutting service and bulk supplier, offering tailored solutions for prototyping and large-scale production needs.

Why Ward & Kennedy?

Business owners depend on our expertise when seeking precision-engineered die-cut rubber for their unique applications. Whether you need a limited run for prototyping or a large-scale production order, our commitment to quality and customization ensures your specific requirements are met. Our innovative approach allows us to cater to a diverse range of industries and create everything from stamped rubber parts to intricate kiss-cut designs.

When speed is essential, our expedited services set us apart. We facilitate fast and precise prototyping, giving you quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

No CAD file? No problem. We’ll work with you to take your ideas to reality. 

Rubber Manufacturing in Business

Ward & Kennedy specializes in creating parts and components for companies globally. Companies worldwide depend on us for die-cutting services, as well as our warehousing and VMI systems. Ward & Kennedy's expertise in rubber die-cutting provides tailored solutions for bulk or wholesale orders, solidifying our reputation as a dependable supplier for both prototype and large-scale production requirements.

Rubber can be an organic or synthesized compound with nearly endless uses. In its organic form, latex is harvested from trees and some plants before being processed into a usable product. Neoprene and other synthetic rubbers mimic latex and have been modified to target specific features. Rubber is valued for its flexibility, resilience and waterproof properties.

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In addition to digital cutting, we provide:

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