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Supply - Warehousing

Product Storage and Distribution

Warehousing allows businesses like yours to fabricate, produce, and grow in parallel to the demands of your manufacturing environment towards a lean manufacturing model. It bridges the gaps in your supply chain that allow you to control the number of manufacturing supplies, specifically when you need them for production. This not only creates efficiencies and savings in time utility but also in price stabilization when the cost of supplies spike seasonally in markets.

Businesses run better because we are:

  • Safely storing product and materials in a controlled environment
  • Accurately and efficiently identifying the precise location of inventory
  • Complementing your logistics environment in FIFO or LIFO shipping
  • Expediting your shipping and supply chain demand time in an optimized warehouse
  • Fulfilling the contractions and expansions of your seasonal and fluctuating market demands
  • We keep the end-user customer as the focal point

Serving All Your Business Supply Needs

Warehousing is just one of the important steps of your logistics supply chain, that’s why we also offer fulfillment, distribution, and production runs services to help improve your customer’s buying process. 

Ward & Kennedy has been designing, fabricating, and supplying industries all over the world since we were founded in 1928. Starting with footwear, over the decades we’ve expanded to working with metal working, wood working, plastics, textiles, leather, foam, custom machining, and water jet cutting. Whatever your industry, Ward & Kennedy is your solution for warehousing.

Contact Ward & Kennedy to reduce supply chain and manufacturing bottlenecks today with a Just-In-Time (JIT) solution.
Supplying the World's Top Brands

Ward & Kennedy is a top distributor of many of the world's best brands. We supply 3M, Mirka, and Dynabrade products ranging from adhesives and abrasives to power tools and source capture systems.

We work with top manufacturers like Red Wing Shoes, Danner and Riedell; whether we're supplying raw sheets of material (plastics, textiles, leather, and foam) or supplying CAD designed, die cut parts for assembly, we WILL find a way to help businesses.

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