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3M™ PELTOR™ Lite-Com Pro II Charging Cable AL2AH, Cable for IS Battery, 1 EA/Cas…
SKU: 7100067410
Out of Stock
Scotch® Adhesive Putty 861, 1 oz (28,3 g) Removable
SKU: 7010371419
Scotch® Mounting Putty 860B Removable 2 oz., Blue
SKU: 7010333198
Scotch® Mounting Putty 860 Removable 2 oz.
SKU: 7100037457
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Rubber Toughened Instant Adhesive RT5000B, Black, 500 Gram Bott…
SKU: 7100039252
Free Shipping
Scotch® Super Glue Liquid AD110, .18 oz bottle
SKU: 7000047665
Scotch® Super Glue Liquid in Precision Applicator, AD124, .14 oz
SKU: 7100045780
Scotch® Super Glue Liquid AD118D, .07 oz, 1-Pack
SKU: 7000047660
Scotch super glue liquid AD117, .07 oz, 2 pack
SKU: 7000047659
Scotch® Super Glue Liquid AD114, 4-Pack of single-use tubes, .017 oz each
SKU: 7000047643
Scotch® Super Glue Gel in Precision Applicator, AD125, .14 oz
SKU: 7100035277
3M™ E-A-R™ Flexible Fit Earplug HA 328-1001, ANSI, Corded, Polybag, 400 Pair/Cas…
SKU: 7100212746
3M™ Cloth Belt 340D, P100 X-weight, 4 in x 132 in, Film-lok, Single-flex
SKU: 7010516771
3M™ Filter Retainer 501, 100 EA/Case
SKU: 7100211073
Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape Mega Roll 414H-LONG-DC, 1 In X …
SKU: 7100205645
Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape 414H-DC, 1 In X 60 In (2,54 Cm …
SKU: 7100205646
Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape 414H-48, 1 in x 48 in (2,54 cm …
SKU: 7100216178
Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Strips Mega Pack 414H-ST-MP-DC, 1 In…
SKU: 7100205647
Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Strips 414H-ST, 1 in x 3 in (2,54 cm…
SKU: 7100216166
Scotch-Mount™ Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape 414H, 1 In X 60 In (2,54 Cm X 1…
SKU: 7100205652
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Started in 1902, 3M is known around the world as a leader in adhesives, tapes, and abrasive materials. 3M products are used in industrial-grade manufacturing and in-home DIY projects. Ward & Kennedy has thousands of the best 3M products for sale all here on our website. Start shopping now for all your 3M supplies.


Why 3M?

3M produces high-quality products. Everyday materials such as post-it notes and scotch tape are made by 3M, so you know they're reliable and are a company dedicated to finding simple solutions for everyday problems. In addition to supplying 3M products, Ward & Kennedy has been a fabricatorsupplier, and designer since 1928. Our team is experienced and knows the steps necessary to fulfill all your product and supply needs.

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