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Industrial Tool Vending Machines for Sale

Standardize Your Business Process With Industrial Vending Machines

Industrial Vending Machine for Sale in Wisconsin

Ward & Kennedy installs industrial tool vending machines to maximize your workplace efficiency. With industrial vending machines, you can cut down on downtime and losses by keeping track of what’s being used and how often it’s used. The machines’ ability to be fully automated and customizable makes them a valuable investment in almost any industry.

Industries Served 

Industrial vending machines can be beneficial in any industry that requires efficient inventory management and controlled access to tools, equipment, and consumables. Some of the industries commonly using our industrial vending machines include:

  • Manufacturinghelps manage and control the distribution of tools, components, and parts needed for production processes
  • Constructiontrack and distribute construction materials, safety equipment, power tools, and other supplies required at job sites
  • Food & Beverage - used to store and dispense equipment and tools needed for food preparation and production for employees
  • Maintenance & Repair facility management, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and industrial maintenance, organize and distribute tools, spare parts, and consumables to technicians and service personnel
  • Energy & UtilitiesPower plants, utility companies, and renewable energy facilities use them for special equipment and safety gear as needed for maintenance and operations
  • Healthcare - many hospitals and medical facilities use industrial vending machines to dispense and track surgical instruments, disposable gloves, and other frequently used items
  • Mining & Oil - used to distribute tools, safety equipment, and other supplies needed to complete the job
  • Transportation & Logistics - used to distribute vehicle parts, maintenance supplies, and tools needed for the repair and upkeep of vehicles, warehouses, and distribution centers
  • Pharmaceutical - used for controlled distribution of medication and controlled substances as well as laboratory supplies 

Popular Vended Items

  • First Aid Supplies (fire extinguishers, safety signs, safety locks, emergency eyewash stations, and first aid kits)
  • Maintenance/repair supplies (screws, nuts, bolts, washers, anchors, and other small components)
  • Safety Equipment (gloves, goggles, helmets, earplugs, respirators, safety vests)
  • Tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and power tools such as drills, saws)
  • Measuring equipment (measuring tools, gauges, thermometers, multimeters, and other equipment used for quality control and testing)
  • Welding supplies (welding electrodes, welding wire, welding gloves, welding masks, and other welding-related consumables)
  • Adhesives (tapes, coatings)
  • Abrasives (discs, belts, wheels, tools, sheets/rolls)

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Vending Machines:

What Are Industrial Vending Machines?

Industrial vending machines operate similarly to regular vending machines. Employees gain access with a card, code, biometrics or any method you choose to dispense the tool or item they need. The machine tracks every usage and organizes that data to help you find ways to improve your workplace efficiency, such as identifying optimal times to repair and restock their contents. These processes can be fully automated to prevent shortages and losses ahead of time.

What can I stock a vending inventory machine with?

These machines can be filled with just about anything and are always ready to go. Different types of machines can be linked and operated from a single terminal, allowing different types of items to be stored and managed together. These qualities eliminate the need for inventory management personnel and their compact size opens up a significant amount of floor space. When returning items, users can rest easy knowing that their items are stored in a secure and convenient location.

Industrial vending machines can be stocked with items from any number of applications, including:

Are industrial vending machines suitable for different industries?

Yes, industrial vending machines have extensive utilization across diverse sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, automotive, and aviation. Any industry seeking regulated inventory access can derive advantages from adopting an industrial vending machine system.

Are industrial vending machines easy to maintain?

Industrial vending machines are created to be easy to use and need very little upkeep. Regular maintenance usually involves refilling items, updating the software, and ensuring the machine functions correctly. Vending machine providers usually provide support and maintenance services to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How can I implement an industrial vending machine system in my facility?

Implementing an industrial vending machine system involves selecting a reputable vending machine provider, assessing your inventory needs, customizing the machine setup, training employees, and integrating the system with your existing processes. Working with an experienced provider ensures a smooth and successful implementation.

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Optimize and Automate Your Inventory Management

When you automate inventory management with an industrial vending machine, you replicate best practices across the entire company. These comprehensive machines are the most efficient and effective way to implement lean inventory management. You will have full oversight of their usage including the exact timeframes, quantities and the jobs they were used for. Industrial vending machines are the solution for eliminating losses and maximizing efficiency in your workplace.

Key Benefits to Using Industrial Vending Machines

  • Inventory control - restrict certain items or the quantity that is available to specific users, completely automated to your specifications
  • Full automation - 24/7 availability with data tracking, restocking, and maintenance handled automatically
  • Fully customizable - lockers of different types and sizes can be linked together to store different kinds of items
  • Reduces consumption - employees will be more accountable for their tools and how much of each item they use
  • Increases efficiency - vending machines that are closer to workstations means less wasted time traveling and requesting tools
  • Space & mobility - their compact size opens up more space than typical tool cribs and can be easily rearranged for any floor plan
  • Increases securitylimiting access so that only authorized individuals are able to use it
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