Felt Digital/Die Cut Product Manufacturing & Supply

Felt Manufacturing in Business

Felt is a type of textile produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. It is made from a wide variety of fibers from natural to synthetic depending on the application. Felt has many uses outside of fashion and is valued as a damper, cushion and insulator in industries including construction, manufacturing, music, firearms, art and more.

In addition to digital cutting, we provide:

CAD Design Manufacturing Distribution
Reverse Engineering Bulk Production Fulfillment
Prototyping Warehousing VMI

Industrial Felt Part/Product Fabrication & Supply from Ward & Kennedy

Ward & Kennedy has been in the fabrication business since 1928, and there’s a reason we’re still around. Companies around the world trust us for comprehensive design, manufacturing and supply services. We die cut over 30 materials, including felt. Felt is found everywhere, from the closet of your local craft enthusiast to car interiors. Whatever part or product you need made, Ward & Kennedy has the specialists to produce it efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal waste.

Our across-the-board services put every production demand under one umbrella, saving you time and money. Get your CAD designs and VMI service from the same place, allowing from efficiency and consistency. 

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