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Supply - Distribution

Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions

Your products or supplies are safely stored in a warehouse, but how do they get to you or the next partner and customer in the supply chain? Our distribution services allow you to move your inventory and product from one channel in the supply chain to the next. You may have lower inventory to move this quarter than the next quarter or season. We grow and adapt to your demand, keeping your supply chain running seamlessly.

Businesses Run Better Because We Are:

  • Safely storing product and materials in a controlled environment
  • Complementing your logistics environment in FIFO or LIFO shipping
  • Fulfilling the contractions and expansions of your seasonal and fluctuating market demands
  • Keeping the end-user customer as the focal point
  • Easing the logistics process between your channel and your retailers or resellers channel

Ward & Kennedy offers distribution logistics to companies all over the world. We manage distribution through order fulfillment, warehousing, and production runs of digital/die-cut products.

Ward & Kennedy Adapts to Your Inventory Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions in Wisconsin

In the world of supply chain management, fluctuations in inventory levels are a common challenge. Your business might experience lower inventory requirements in one quarter, only to see a surge in demand in the next. At Ward & Kennedy, we recognize the importance of adaptability in ensuring your supply chain remains efficient and responsive.

Our commitment goes beyond static warehousing. We proactively adjust to your evolving inventory needs. Whether you're facing seasonal variations or market-driven fluctuations, we're here to keep your supply chain running seamlessly. With our flexible approach, we help you optimize your resources, reduce costs, and meet customer demands effectively, no matter the inventory challenges that come your way.

Our Distribution Professionals Move Products with Ease

At Ward & Kennedy, we make moving products through your supply chain a turnkey, hassle-free process. Our team handles every aspect of distribution for you. Using SKU and tracking systems, we monitor inventory levels in real time so you always know what's on hand.

Our distribution professionals become an extension of your team, allowing you to focus on core operations while we manage inventory flows between points in your supply chain. Trust Ward & Kennedy to make distribution a simple, consistent, and reliable process that fully aligns with your business needs.

Safeguarding Your Products: Controlled and Secure Storage

At Ward & Kennedy, we place a premium on the secure and controlled storage of your goods, ensuring that your valuable inventory remains in pristine condition throughout its stay with us. Why work with us?

  1. Climate Control: Our climate control systems are meticulously maintained to safeguard your items from temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  2. Security Measures:  We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your assets from theft and unauthorized access.
  3. Quality Control and Inspections:  Regular quality control checks and inspections are part of our commitment to maintaining optimal storage conditions.
  4. Clean and Pest-Free:  Our warehouses are maintained in impeccable cleanliness and are entirely pest-free.
  5. Safety Training:  Our dedicated staff undergo rigorous safety training to handle your products safely and efficiently.
  6. Peace of Mind:  When you choose Ward & Kennedy, you're selecting a partner that prioritizes the secure and controlled storage of your goods, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your supply chain.

Serving All Your Business Supply Needs

Distribution is just one of the important steps of your logistics supply chain. That’s why we also offer warehousing, fulfillment, and production run services to help improve your customer’s buying process.

Ward & Kennedy has been designing, fabricating, and supplying for industries all over the world since we were founded in 1928. Starting with footwear, over the decades we’ve expanded to work with wood, plastics, textiles, leather, foam, custom machining, and water jet cutting. Whatever your industry, Ward & Kennedy is your distribution solution.

Contact Ward & Kennedy to reduce supply chain fatigue and save capital for where it really matters.

Supplying the

World's Top Brands

Ward & Kennedy is a top distributor of many of the world's best brands. We supply 3M, Mirka, and Dynabrade products ranging from adhesives and abrasives to power tools and source capture systems.

We work with top manufacturers like Red Wing Shoes, Danner and Riedell; whether we're supplying raw sheets of material (plastics, textiles, leather, and foam) or supplying CAD designed, die cut parts for assembly, we WILL find a way to help businesses.

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