Digital/Die Cutting – Fabrics

Digital/Die Cutting Fabrics for Your Designs

Fabric is a type of textile that is made by weaving, knitting, spreading, crocheting or bonding fibers together for the production of other goods. Fabrics find many uses in the production of clothing, bags, carpeting, furnishing, towels, coverings, filtering, art, crop protection and more. Fabrics can be made from animal, plant, and synthetic fibers, each of which is valued for its unique properties and applications.

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Die cutting started as a process of cutting leather for the footwear industry in the mid-1800s. Since then, die cutting has expanded to include all types of fabrics. Ward & Kennedy has been die cutting fabrics for manufacturing since 1928. We’ve cut fabrics for one-of-a-kind prototype designs and mass production.

The fabrics we die cut include:

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