Custom die-cut bookboard fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

When seeking top-notch bookboard die cutting services, look no further than Ward & Kennedy. As a trusted supplier with an impeccable reputation, Ward & Kennedy offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet diverse needs. Our expertise in custom die cutting ensures that every project is executed with precision and tailor-made to exact specifications. Whether it's for bulk or wholesale bookboard orders, Ward & Kennedy's commitment to quality remains unwavering, providing cost-effective solutions for large-scale production. Moreover, our emphasis on prototyping enables clients to test and perfect their designs before full-scale production, saving both time and resources. With a proven track record of excellence, Ward & Kennedy stands as the ideal partner for those seeking unparalleled expertise, customizability, and reliability in bookboard die cutting services.

Bookboard Manufacturing in Business

Binder’s board, or bookboard, is a thick and sturdy material that is made from layers of paper fibers. It is typically used for bookbinding purposes. The grade varies depending on the quality of material, though it is usually of more integrity than chipboard. Binder’s board is appreciated in manufacturing because it resists warping and is dense enough that corners and edges do not dent.

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