Custom die-cut polyethylene fabricator (prototype & bulk supplier)

Custom Polyethylene Cutting & Supply Service

Ward & Kennedy creates components and elements for global enterprises. Established in 1928 as a manufacturer of box toe components, Ward & Kennedy has since expanded its reach into various sectors of industrial manufacturing. Companies entrust us with polyethylene die cutting services, as well as benefiting from our warehousing and VMI systems. Ward & Kennedy's specialized polyethylene die cutting service provides tailored answers for bulk polyethylene orders, establishing them as a dependable source for both initial designs and extensive production requirements.

Why Choose Ward & Kennedy for Your Die-Cutting Needs

Ward & Kennedy recognizes the significance of precision. Our team excels in intricate processes like polyethylene kiss cutting, stamping, and fabrication. We accommodate limited runs and urgent orders while embodying a commitment to engineered solutions. From polyethylene design to prototype, we tailor services, even without a CAD file. Our 3D modeling lets you visualize the end product pre-production.

Polyethylene Manufacturing in Business

Polyethylene (PE) is the most common plastic and it is primarily used in packaging, though it has a variety of other uses. Different grades of polyethylene like HDPE or LDPE should be selected depending on the task at hand. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic, but modified versions such as cross-linked polyethylene can be thermosets and are used in piping and heating/cooling systems.

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In addition to digital cutting, we provide:

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