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Product Design Services for Manufacturing Industries

Prototype Engineering and Reverse Engineering

Ward & Kennedy designers have been supplying industries with custom prototypes and product parts for over 90 years. Today, we use computer-aided design (CAD) to render 3D computer models before production begins. The resulting designs are ready for manufacturing and better than ever.

Our design specialties include:

Submit Your Spec Designs Online

While we are capable of handcrafting or computer-generating new designs for your prototypes, we can also work with your own spec files. Submit your designs online to start manufacturing with Ward & Kennedy.

The right prototype design can make or break your business when it’s time for mass production. The easier your product is to construct, the faster turnaround times you can expect. And reducing the amount of materials is a major cost saver.

Trust Ward & Kennedy for All Your Design Needs

Ward & Kennedy has been designing, digitally cutting, and supplying industries all over the world since we were founded in 1928. Whether you’re in our Wisconsin backyard or located across the world in Asia, let us be your product designers.

Contact Ward & Kennedy to request custom prototype or reverse engineered product designs.
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