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Composite Resins

Dynatron™ Fiberglass Cloth, 699, 8 sq ft, 6 per case
SKU: 7010364191
Bondo® Fiberglass Mat, 00488, 6 per case
SKU: 7000120013
Bondo® Fiberglass Cloth, 00499, 8 sq. ft., 6 per case
SKU: 7000120014
Bondo® Fiberglass Cloth, 20128, 8 sq ft, 6 per case
SKU: 7010364420
Bondo® Fiberglass Resin, 20122, 0.9 Quart, 4 per case
SKU: 7100152951
Bondo® Fiberglass Resin, 20124, 0.9 Gallon, 2 per case
SKU: 7010309273
Dynatron™ Fiberglass Resin, 692, 1 qt, 6 per case
SKU: 7000125053
Dynatron™ Fiberglass Resin, 694, 1 gal, 4 per case
SKU: 7000125054

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Composite Resin is made of a ceramic and plastic compound. Ward & Kennedy offers composite resin in a variety of means, including fiberglass cloths, fiberglass mats and fiberglass resin. Buy in bulk and save!

We've been a leading product designer, fabricator, and supplier since 1928. We provide digital/die-cut solutions to the footwear, metalworking, woodworking, plastics, textiles, leather, foam, custom machining, and water jet cutting industries. Ask our team to fulfill all your product or supply needs.

Don’t see what you need? Contact Ward & Kennedy for more composite resin options.

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