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Grinding Wheel Dressing Tools

3M™ Diamond Phono Point Tool P0560S2, 1/8 in x 1 in shank, 1 per case
SKU: 7010481727
3M™ Dressing Stick 200TG, 3/4 in x 3/4 in x 4 in X=1/4 in AO150, 1 per case
SKU: 7010481740
3M™ DSD Truing Tool, 1/2 in x 2 in, 1 per case
SKU: 7010481744
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3M™ DSD Truing Tool, 5/8 in x 2 in, 1 per case
SKU: 7010481745
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Wondering how to dress your grinding wheel? There are plenty of accessories to help. The dressing stick, truing tool, and the diamond phono point tool will help optimize your abrasive pad. Dressing the abrasive wheels wheel allows for sharper and cleaner cuts. Truing the grinding wheel is key to making your cut consistent. 

If you are ordering truing tools and dressing sticks for your welding, manufacturing, or construction company check out our bulk ordering option. We hope that you find what you are looking for with your online order. If you have any questions feel free to call our experts toll-free at 1-800-521-8584. 

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