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Adhesive Copper Tapes - Available in Bulk

Scotch® Electrical Shielding Tape 24-1x15FT, 1 in x 15 ft (25 mm x 4,6 m), 50 pe…
SKU: 7000031348
Scotch® Electrical Shielding Tape 24-1x100FT, 1 in x 100 ft (25 mm x 30,5 m), 10…
SKU: 7100005805
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3M™ EMI Copper Foil Shielding Tape 1181, 3/8 in x 18 yd (9.52 mm x 16.5 m), 24 p…
SKU: 7000132696

Adhesive Copper Tape Wholesale

Adhesives Copper Tapes are available to buy in bulk. With bulk shopping, you'll have a well-stocked supply of your essentials, reducing the need for constant replenishment. It'll streamline your operations and maximize your profits.

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