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PROS Sander 6"/5mm 650DB, 1/Pkg


PROS Sander 6"/5mm 650DB, 1/Pkg

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Technical Specifications

Orbit 5 mm
RPM 12,000
Pad Face Multi-Hole Grip
Weight 2 lbs
HP 0.28
Noise 78 dB
Vib m/s2 3.0

• Random orbital sander
• Vacuum-ready (CV), Self-Generating Vacuum (SGV), and Non-Vac (NV) available
• Easy to reach speed regulator
• Cover lifts for access to the air supply connection, locking the lever in the off position
• Optimized ergonomics that make it user-friendly and comfortable to grip
for long operating period
• 1-1/4” hose threaded vacuum fitting
• Unique shroud system with brake seal allows minimal internal air leakage for
improved dust extraction, even at low suction power
• Quick connect fitting for the dust extraction hose
• Fleece dust bag has a large capacity which means fewer bag changes
• Fleece dust bag has a longer product life
• No need for a safety nylon bag for protection
• Can be used with the Mirka paper bag system (must use nylon bag also)
• For SGV accessories see page 28

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